I have a particular interest in improving the pathway for patients with spinal conditions and patient recorded outcome measures (PROMS). My previous studies that have been presented at the SBNS, and Britspine / BASS have looked at:

  • Percutaneous spinal instrumentation
  • Outcomes for spinal stenosis
  • Reducing recurrent disc herniation in lumbar microdiscectomy,
  • PROMS in subspecialty spinal surgery
  • Enhanced online referral process
  • Cervical fracture management in an elderly population
  • Improving the pathway for cauda equina syndrome

In the last 2 years I have contributed to National and International research projects including:

  • ENTICE cauda equina study (2nd largest contributor in UK)
  • UCES cauda equina study (one of the first units to contribute data)
  • GNOS global neurotrauma outcome study (first UK unit to complete data collection)
  • NeuroTARN trauma network study for NANSIG

At present I am supervising projects in :

  • Cervical spinal trauma in the elderly
  • Intra-operative spinal cord monitoring in spinal tumour surgery
  • Cervical spine fusion vs cervical spine arthroplasty
  • Seizure management in traumatic brain injury
  • MR spectroscopy in brain tumours
  • Glioma surgery in the elderly
  • Revision glioma surgery
  • Craniectomy for MCA infarction
  • Management of raised intracranial pressure in ICU

All of this research has recruited students from the local medical school to provide them with early exposure to medical research.

Special interest

  • Minimally invasive spinal surgery
  • Percutaneous spinal surgery
  • Extended scope practitioners in spinal pathways (ESP, PAs, NPs)
  • Patient recorded outcome measures